Woman Bites Off Attackers Body Part and Keeps it as Evidence for Police

On Sunday, Feb 18, Avignon, France, revealed a shocking scene. A Tunisian immigrant in his thirties accosted a 57-year-old woman walking her dog in the early morning hours.

According to the outlet France Bleu, the man forcefully grabbed the woman and kissed her while inappropriately touching himself.

The unnamed French woman fought back in the face of danger. The woman bravely bit off a portion of the suspect’s tongue. She kept the portion of the tongue as evidence and quickly handed it over to the police.

The assailant was soon detained, but unsurprisingly he asserted that the female had jumped him. As an illegal immigrant, authorities subsequently ordered him to leave French territory.

The courageous actions of this French woman send a powerful message – that self-defense is both a valid and effective tool to utilize in the face of danger. Enduring such situations always requires formidable nerve, as well as a few vital steps. Being mindful of one’s environment is highly recommended, and avoiding isolated locations when out alone. Furthermore, a personal alarm device or another form of self-defense tool is advisable to carry.

Most importantly, reporting sexual assault or harassment to the police merits serious consideration, and this helps protect potential future victims and will assist law enforcement in apprehending the suspect.


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