AliveAdvisor advisors become part of a small and medium businesses’ management team interacting with them frequently to help make operational decisions.

Here is a specific example of what our advisory board can do for a small business.
We interview management candidates who have applied for a position so the owner has a good chance to make better hiring choices.

What AliveAdvisor Does for Small and Medium Businesses

Our company is there to help in many areas.
With decades of business experience, our advisors can assist small and medium business owners with their needs of the moment. This could include personnel, financial, sales, marketing, client acquisition, customer service training, and owner exit strategies. We also become an “anchor” for the business owner as a place to go to get general business issues solved.

The company can look after financial, sales, and marketing positions.

We have recommended changing personnel when the need arises. In today’s hectic business environment, AliveAdvisor becomes an owner’s support system.

Providing a Personalized Board for your Business

AliveAdvisor is a personalized board of advisors for small and medium business owners who need guidance operating their organizations. We assemble a special group of experienced entrepreneurs and tailor them to a specific company need.
Over a period of time, our goal is to build value for the company, the owner, and the employees.

The company meets with clients at least once every two months. The idea is to help small and medium business owners look after revenue, personnel and financial issues.