Our Mission

Accelerate cross-border trade and investment in every region of the world by engaging top executives and leaders with warm connections and timely information to grow business, create success and change the world.

Our Vision

A business world where it’s as easy growing across regions as it is selling across the street. Maybe easier!

Our Values

  • Member satisfaction; Serving members; Having gratitude
  • Integrity; Honesty; Accountability; Follow-up; Transparency; Trust
  • Results; Simplicity; Speed; Just doing it; Making a difference; Growth; Profit; Success
  • People first; Building relationships; Respecting; Having Compassion; Connecting; Collaborating; Growing the tribe
  • Diversity; Gender balance; Fairness; Justice; Ending racism; Equal pay for equal work
  • Positivity; Optimism; Persistence; Passion; Freedom; Empowerment; Celebration
  • Professionalism; Dependability; Resilience; Humbleness; Communicating
  • Sustainable operations; Doing no harm; Environmental responsibility
  • Learning; Listening; Curiosity; Continuous improvement
  • Being brave; Having courage; Being a leader
  • Innovation; Creativity; Flexibility
  • Doing the right thing