SWEAR London’s NFTs in Life Beyond

Fashion arrives in the web3 gaming industry as SWEAR London’s first NFTs launch in Life Beyond. This event is a result of a partnership between Darewise, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the company responsible for developing Life Beyond, SWEAR London, and Skyinvaders, a tech company focused on digital fashion in the metaverse. As a futuristic Si-Fi game, Life Beyond is the perfect fit for SWEAR’s alternative shoes in the form of NFTs.

This might be the first time that NFTs, gaming, and fashion are all combined into a single experience. And it will happen in Life Beyond, a Sci-fi, AAA online RPG. As a web3 game, it allows its players to have true ownership over their in-game assets via NFTs. Soon, SWEAR’s shoes will be one of the possible items that players can own, trade, and equip on their characters.

The CEO of Darewise, Benjamin Charbit, mentioned: “With Life Beyond, our ambition is to create a lush and detailed fictional virtual planet based on cutting-edge technology, world-building, and storytelling. By working with the most talented creators and brands we love in the real world, like SWEAR, we are building an interesting, authentic and believable alternate reality. Skinvaders’ expertise in creating custom in-game elements will also play a pivotal role in this social experience.”

Also for Skinvaders this is quite a remarkable deed. By being responsible for creating SWEAR shoes as 3D game assets they prove that they can work with both Web2 and Web3 gaming projects.

Accordingly to Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, this will be the first of many fashion brands to launch their digital products on Life Beyond. Darewise is taking this idea to the next level and is planning to launch the Life Beyond Creative Solutions team. An agency to create new experiences in Life Beyond with other brands.

We don’t have any details about how much these wearables cost, or when they will be available for purchase. Keep an eye on the Life Beyond Twitter and Discord for further announcements.

As for other game wearables, the Agent Zero Jacket is still available in the official store.

About Life Beyond

Life Beyond is an online Third-person Shooter RPG. Players start in a central area where they can access instances where they have to face alien monsters. In each instance, there are different quests, different goals, and loot to be found. The quantity and rarity of the loot available depend on the difficulty level of the instance. Players can either choose solo or play with friends in co-op up to four players. The game offers different classes to suit different playstyles.

If you want to know more about Life Beyond watch the video we have done about the project.

Life Beyond Alpha Gameplay

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