Support the Reintroduction of Endangered Species with Unextinct

Back in the year 2000, ornithologists believed they had witnessed the Spix Macaw frolicking in the wild for the very last time. Now however, with the help of a little non-fungible magic, and a project called ‘Unextinct’ these majestic avian creatures will once again take flight in Caatinga, Brazil.

This glorious occasion will mark the first time an animal officially recorded extinct in the wild will return to its native habitat. Therefore, turning back the clock of cruel fate, and resurrecting the species for future generations.

So, in order to honour this incredible achievement ‘Unextinct’ will launch an exquisite collection of Spix Macaw NFTs, each debuting on Nifty Gateway at 18:30 ET on June 11 in a three-tiered drop starting at $199 apiece. All NFTs are made up of incredible works by wildlife photographer extraordinaire, Tim Flach.

In support of the first reintroduction of a bird species that is extinct in the wild, I will be releasing a series of NFTs dropping on Nifty Gateway on June 11th. Spix’s Macaws will finally be coming home to Brazil. @niftygateway @atlaslabs_ @actparrots @ParrotProtect

— Tim Flach (@TimFlach) June 7, 2022

Each item offers a wealth of holder benefits, including an NFT airdropped video charting the moment of the release, as well as planting a tree on the owner’s behalf, and access to a private Discord. In addition, higher tiers of NFTs will also entitle holders to physical prints, priority access to future drops, and lunch with Tim Flach himself.

“This is a seminal once in a lifetime event, the unprecedented release of the Spix’s macaw back into the wild, from which it has been extinct for a generation! This umbrella species is inspiring a regeneration of its indigenous habitat and the biodiversity of the region. I feel honoured to be documenting and participating in this historical event.” Tim Flach – Wildlife Photographer.

The entire project is made possible thanks to the superhuman efforts of the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP), whose 22 year efforts will result in the ongoing repopulation of the Spix Macaw to its homeland. Meanwhile, all the blockchain tech and non-fungible wizardry comes courtesy of Atlas Labs.

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