Sony Unveils Metaverse Motion Capture Device Mocopi

Sony has announced the release of Mocopi, a next-generational motion capture device that is just as functional as it is affordable. The device costs around $360 USD and enables you to capture motion in virtual reality.

Mocopi will use your smartphone and lightweight sensors to create avatar videos and real-time movements in VR. Mocopi will also have functionality with apps such as VRChat and functionality with metaverse software, services, and three-dimensional development. Thus, with Mocopi, users can track their bodies fully in the metaverse.

The device has come at an interesting time for Sony, as both the owner of the hit gaming brand PlayStation and the company’s release of the PlayStation VR 2, which will release next year. It is currently unknown whether Mocopi will work with the PSVR2, but it is clear that Sony is gearing up for the metaverse.

With the release of Mocopi in late January 2023, the filing of NFT patents this month, and the PlayStation VR 2 release in Q1 2023, Sony is preparing its metaverse stack of technologies for launch.

The Sony metaverse is coming, and it’s coming sooner than expected.


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