Prime suspect in Madeleine McCann disappearance Christian B ‘pens warped Adolf Hitler rant in leaked letter’

MADELEINE McCann prime suspect Christian B has launched into a warped Adolf Hitler rant in a leaked letter, it has emerged.

The 45-year-old paedo and rapist has slammed German prosecutor Hans-Christian Wolters, who is heading the case, and called on authorities to prove their claims against him.

AlamyChristian B is the prime suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance in Portugal[/caption]

ReutersHe is currently behind bars in Germany serving a seven-year sentence[/caption]

The SunChristian B has slammed the German prosecutor Hans-Christian Wolters[/caption]

Christian B, who is currently in jail in Germany for rape, has always denied any involvement in Madeleine’s abduction.

Back in May, German detectives probing the 2007 disappearance in Portugal of the three-year-old confirmed they had unearthed crucial clues.

They linked Madeleine to a campervan driven by Christian B as Wolters said it was possible the suspect “bought” Madeleine from an accomplice who stole her from the Praia da Luz apartment.

He said at the time: “We’re sure he’s the murderer. There’s no other person.”



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And now the convicted paedo has hit back at the allegations, in a handwritten letter, seen by the Mirror, comparing the prosecutor to Adolf Hitler.

He wrote: “I’m wondering why people still ask me where I was on 3 May 2007.

“It is not on me to present evidence. Ask the prosecutor in the same overkill way like it happens with me.

“Ask him why he destroyed the life of a human being by telling lies to the public in 2020.

“I can’t ask him. He is talking to me only by using the media.

“I can’t give any answer why a German prosecutor can act like that in the McCann case.

“The only answer I find for myself is that Hitler is still everywhere. The prosecutor has been sowing for two years now and he knows that there can’t be a return.”

Christian B accused the authorities of trying to frame him for other crimes allegedly committed in Portugal as prosecutors are said to be set to charge him with the alleged rape of Irish tour rep Hazel Behan.

However last month it emerged that authorities might not be able to charge him with rape after Hazel told the police her perpetrator had a large, cross-shaped scar on his right thigh.

He continued: “The whole world is watching him. To cover the blame he starts more and more inquiries against me, all of them happened many years ago and far away from Germany.

“Witnesses are having bad memories already and they are easy to influence.

“I’ve spent the last few days reading files – 5,500 pages without any evidence for even one stolen bicycle. Nothing. I knew it would end like this.”

The suspect also complained about the living conditions in Oldenburg Prison in Germany, saying “it’s not even possible to buy even one pen” and that he has spent more than four months in isolation “locked up for 24 hours with no TV.”

He said in a previous letter: “I wasn’t kidnapping anybody and of course I wasn’t killing anybody.”

The prosecutor has previously refused to comment on the letters.

Christian B was made an official suspect back in April, nearly 15 years after Maddie’s disappearance.

Even though the Met Police decided to end the probe, cops in Portugal said they will continue to investigate with sources claiming authorities said abandoning their case review was “completely out of the question”.

Christian B has been jailed in Germany for the rape of a US pensioner in Praia in 2005, two years before Madeleine’s disappearance.

He had allegedly been denied parole after serving half his sentence.

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He has denied any involvement and claims he was miles away having sex with a woman in his camper van at the time Madeleine vanished.

However, a TV investigation found that Christian B had a face-changing operation four months after Maddie vanished.

Not known, clear with picture deskA TV investigation has revealed he had a face-changing surgery[/caption]


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