Our creepy neighbours have cameras pointing at our home – so we found perfect way to block them

A FAMILY has found the perfect way to block their neighbours from spying in their backyard. 

Maddison Tucker has shared her family’s genius reaction to their neighbours installed security cameras pointing into their home.

Tiktok/@maddisontuckerrThe Tiktoker shared a clip showing her neighbours’ cameras facing her parents’ home[/caption]

Tiktok/@maddisontuckerrShe posted a clip of her family members working on an idea to block the neighbours’ view[/caption]

At first, Maddison posted a clip on TikTok showing four different cameras facing her parents’ home “monitoring everything”.

In a second video, she showed her family resulted in putting up a wall over the fence to prevent their nosy neighbours from looking at their backyard.

The TikToker wrote in the caption: “we were all out of town for a while.

“First wall is going up, and they called the cops because we flicked their cameras off”.


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Her followers quickly jumped to support her and even give ideas about the fence extention.

One said: “Put one way reflective tint on it. Reflect the cameras back at them.. PLUS THE SUN AND HEAT! #Wannaplay #GameOn.”

Another one commented: “What state is this? is usually illegal to have cameras facing your neighbour’s home”

Someone else said: “What is wrong with people, why can’t they just mind their own business.”

A fourth added: “If you do it right, you have outdoor movie screen to watch videos and movies”.

Meanwhile, another Tiktoker has shared how her “neighbour from hell” decided to destroy her entire fence after the wind blew one panel into her garden.

A woman said her neighbours have made her life “hell” as they moan every time she runs a bath.

And another woman said her neighbours banned her from playing music and even complain when she brushes her teeth. 

The family decided to put up a fence extensionTiktok/@maddisontuckerr


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