My petty neighbour blocks the street with his rubbish bins so no one can park outside his house

A WOMAN has exposed her petty neighbour after he blocked the street with his rubbish bins so no one can park in front of his house.

Sharing a clip on Tiktok, Diana has shown how her neighbour has placed his bins only a few feet apart- just enough so a car cannot fit between them.

The Tiktoker shared a clip to show the rubbish binsShe says her neighbour blocks the street so no one can park outside his houseTikTok/@ dianaxoxo97

The tiktoker captioned the video: “Who else has neighbors like this ?”

“Our neighbour is f******* annoying,” she can be heard saying as she shows how the rubbish bins are placed.

Tiktokers quickly jumped to comment on the post, some sharing their own tales of petty neighbours.

But Diana didn’t find the sympathy she was looking for as most people seemed to think her neighbour was actually right.



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One said: “I feel for him, some of us can’t even park in front of our own house because the neighbors got 3 families in a house and they take up all the parking”

Another one wrote: “Yes, it’s he’s space. Park in front of your own house. He needs space for visitors.

Soeone said: “Don’t park in front of his house… what if he is planning on having people over? Just park in front of yours why is that so hard?”

Another one commented: “Some people have way too many cars that dont even make sense.

“I would never want cars in front of ny house that dont belong to me everyday.”

Meanwhile, a couple with 10 kids has been branded ”childish” after trapping their neighbour in her own home by blocking her car.

A woman has shared how her neighbours are at war over parking on a grass verge.

And a driver has told how they found a bizarre handwritten note from their neighbour asking them to not park in their spot.

But Tiktokers took her neighbour’s sideTikTok/@ dianaxoxo97


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