Music awards now also have the category “Best metaverse performance”

World-renowned rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem, who have recently come to the fore with their collaboration with Yuga Labs, the developer of Bored Ape Yacht Club, left their mark on the MTV Music Awards with their metaverse performances.

While the concert given in the “Yuga Labs metaverse” attracted great attention, the “best metaverse performance” category was also included in the award ceremony for the first time.

The duo, who collaborated with Yuga Labs many times this year and even played Bored Ape monkeys in the music video for a song they released, suddenly turned into BAYC monkeys in the show here and performed in this way.

Metaverse category featured for the first time

Music awards now also have the category “Best metaverse performance”

In addition to the concert of the duo, there was a first at the MTV Music Awards and for the first time, the category of “best metaverse performance” took place at the award ceremony. South Korean group Blackpink won this award. It was noteworthy that the group left behind big names such as Justin Bieber and Charli XCX.

They raised $320 million

As it is known, land can be sold in Yuga Labs’ Otherside game, as in metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and Sandbox. However, the game is still not fully ready and the company has shared very little information about it. As it will be remembered, Yuga Labs first announced the sale of land called “Otherdeeds” during the promotion of Otherside and received a total investment of 317 million dollars. Due to the interest in the sale, very serious blockages occurred in the Ethereum blockchain and transaction fees reached record levels.


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