Mum and OnlyFans star sues her sons’ school after she was banned from going on grounds because of her racy posts

A MUM has sued her son’s school after being banned from going on campus due to her racy work as an OnlyFans model.

Victoria Triece, 31, has filed the suit against Sand Lake Elementary School in Orange County, FL, claiming they violated her rights to free speech, free assembly and privacy.

Victoria Triece, 31, is suing the school over being banned from volunteering for on-campus eventsInstagramInstagramThe mum-of-two was outraged after a school board member allegedly shared her x-rated snaps with staff[/caption]

Mum-of-two Victoria claimed that she was told she could not volunteer at the school after a school board member shared saucy photos from her account with staff in 2021.

This was despite the fact that she had passed all her background checks and had already been volunteering for five years.

Announcing the ban on Twitter at the time, she wrote: “The way someone took paid content from my OnlyFans and sent it to my children’s school is so cruel.

“You don’t have to like what I do or agree with it but to do something this extreme is just downright wrong.”

Her attorney Mark NeJame told this week that the school board was behaving like “morality police“.

He added: “If a teacher or a parent was having an adulterous relationship, many would consider that to be far less moral.

“Does that mean that parents and teachers who have violated their marriage vows shouldn’t be around children, is that immoral?”

The lawyer alleged that his client also knows of other parents in the county who are involved in the adult content site.

Victoria insisted that she’s never behaved or dressed inappropriately while working at the school, including organising class parties and helping with lab assignments.

She will still be allowed to chaperone school trips but won’t be allowed to volunteer for any on-campus events, according to her lawyers.

The outraged mum created her account two years before being slapped with the ban and had promoted it on her public Twitter page.

She fumed: “One minute of my job a day is not my whole life, it’s not my life of being a mom or being a parent.

“I think everybody’s just floored because they’re like, ‘We know you, we know who you are.”

A spokesperson for the county schools declined to comment on pending litigation.

The amount of the suit was not specified, but Victoria has previously said she would seek $1 million in damages.

It comes after an Arizona teacher was forced to quit her job after students discovered that she filmed an x-rated video in a classroom.

Similarly, a teacher from Scotland was told she couldn’t come to the staff Christmas party after she quit when students found her OnlyFans account.

Her lawyer said the school board were acting like ‘morality police’InstagramThe amount of the suit was not revealed but Victoria has previously stated her intention to claim $1 million in damagesInstagramShe slammed the school board’s actions as ‘cruel’ and ‘downright wrong’Instagram


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