Mini-Royale Blasts Into Season 3

Mini-Royale launches into Season 3 with improved graphics, a new battle pass, the introduction of Clan Wars, and the addition of the Fusion Lab. This Solana-based FPS is rapidly adding features and expanding their play and earn economy.

Mini-Royale used to feel like the little FPS that could. It was simple, with pixelated graphics. But it ticked some important checkboxes such as blockchain-enabled, play and earn capabilities, and easy to use (it runs in a web browser window). But, with the advent of Season 3 and other additions they have made along the way, Mini-Royale seems ready to run with the big dogs!

Mini Royale Quests

Season 3 of Mini-Royale brings the regular sort of updates one would expect with a new season such as a new Battle Pass and new Premium Heroes. In addition, we have 60 new mission groups. These come in the form of Daily Quests, Season Quests, Special Quests, and Brutal Quests. Daily Quests are available to everyone, but the other type of quests have a minimum level requirement.

We also have the introduction of Clan wars. Players earn points by participating in these multi-day events. Each Clan War has a specific focus such as Raiding or Staking. Players earn more points for participating in the War focus but can still earn points in other ways.The Clans can spend these points on buildings, defense, and even nukes! The Clans at the top of the leaderboards at the end of the event earn special prizes.

And though it’s not yet released yet, Mini Royale also plans to implement Item Shards. Shards are found through various prize mechanics and players assemble Shards to create new weapons they can use in-game.

Fusion Lab

Mini Royale Fusion Lab

The Fusion Lab is a new feature in Mini-Royale: Nations that allows players to unlock special heroes and weapons. There are three types of Fusion — Premium Hero, Loot Hero, and Weapon. For Season 3, the Fusion Lab is the only way to create Epic or Legendary Heroes. By Fusing together multiple lower rarity Heroes, players create special skins and these higher rarity Heroes.

Items used in the Fusion process must be minted NFTs. Burning game NFTs to create new, rarer NFTs is a common mechanic with blockchain games. This helps the game developers control NFT inflation, while also rewarding those who are more active participants in the game.

The recipes for the Mini Royale Fusion Lab will be released in three waves. Wave 1 is live now, and new waves are expected to follow around the beginning of the following months.

What is Mini-Royale?

Mini-Royale is a web based FPS running on the Solana blockchain. It is free to play, though owners of Premium NFTs receive bonus points towards their Battle Pass ranking with every match. The game runs in a web browser and supports both random, public games, as well as private matches.

victory screen

Mini-Royale offers a couple of different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Capture the Flag. Team size maxes out at five players, though you can also play with fewer. PvP matches are generally quick and action-packed.

Players earn character experience, gain battle pass points, and level up their items by playing the game. Along the way, they also earn special weapons and avatar skins. Some of these can be minted to the blockchain as NFTs. Mini-Royale currently only accepts the Phantom wallet for wallet connections.

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