Legends of Venari Beta Season Starts July 28

The time has come for Legends of Venari to step up their game and release a massive batch of updates in the new season of the already popular fantasy game set in the world of Cearras. Legends of Venari has completed its Alpha season and will begin the Beta season on July 28. Here is all you need to know about this new release!

Legends of Venari Beta Season will introduce nearly 300 new & returning Venari variants, and a completely new island, Pele’ino, will allow the Venari to share different attributes and looks when compared to the Alpha Season. Both new and returning Venari will be added to the line-up through a brand new repopulation system based on a rotating pool schedule.

The Beta Season will introduce Base Passes. Base passes are entry passes generated from Alpha Pass holders. The player base will be capped by the total number of Alpha Passes + the total number of Base Passes that can be generated from those Alpha Passes.

Legends of Venari Marketplace

The official Legends of Venari marketplace is coming. With the full launch of the marketplace, users can expect a plethora of brand new features, such as minting of Venari and base passes, buying/selling/transferring of Venari, and the tokenization of Shards from the essence system. 

The marketplace is going to change the internal economy of the game forever, and the team is committed to making it work over the long run. For this reason, the marketplace will be released in batches. 

Each batch of testers can provide invaluable feedback the developers can act on to improve the experience for all users. The full-scale release will start once the team is satisfied with the results from the test phase and can operate the marketplace with confidence.

Partnerships And Demo Pass

LoV has partnered with some of the biggest names in the NFT space. LoV’s partners work side by side with the design and art team to create unique and engaging events..

Legends of Venari themed events last 2 to 3 weeks. During the events, players who are holders of the partnered project will be dropped the event baits, while non-holders can purchase the baits using in-game gold. Current partners include BYOPills, Cozomo di’ Medici and CyberKongz.

Going forward, LoV will be offering 7-day trial passes to holders of partnered NFT projects. Holders of partnered NFT projects can create an account using the MetaMask wallet containing the NFT and will have an activated account for 7 days. 

Introducing The Grid: Legends of Venari New Gameplay

Legends of Venari introduced The Grid in their latest Medium announcement, the most significant change to the entire game design, completely revamping the gameplay. 

The Grid is a pseudo world map shared across the entire player base. Available Venaris on the map represent a real population, increasing and decreasing as players capture and collect Venari. 

Interacting with the Grid is intuitive and will likely remind you of Pokémon Go, without the moving part. There will be buildings and events happening all the time, which will likely lure players into spending more time on the beautiful universe they developed.

The Grid is a 3D environment and will boast new gameplay modes. Player vs Enemy Raid Encounters could appear on specified tiles within the grid at fixed times for players to challenge them together for exclusive loot, capture points for landmarks and other unique structures could be held by both players and guilds competing for the bonuses that they may offer, and player-owned areas could be the new bastion upon which a player begins their legend in the world of Caerras.

Become a Creator

It’s finally here… Announcing the Legends of Venari Creator Program!

Legends of Venari believes that one of the essential ways community members can add value to LoV is through creating LoV centric content and building tooling.

Notion doc and App below

1/n pic.twitter.com/ObLeX8Xjmu

— Legends of Venari (@LegendsOfVenari) July 12, 2022

Legends of Venari announced their creator program rewarding players with special promotions, workshops, and free access passes. The full list of benefits is available on the official Notion page dedicated to the program.

The LoV Creator Program will run indefinitely, and you can apply whenever you want as long as you own a MetaMask account, are 18 years old or older, and abide by the TOS of the company. In order to be eligible for rewards, you must produce at least:

Audio: one completed content piece per 2 months.Community Tools: time frame is not applicable.Creatives: one completed content piece per 6 weeks. Cosplays and Miscellaneous Art can also present a work-in-progress piece.Video & Live:Videos/VOD: one completed content piece per month.Live Stream: one completed content piece per 2 weeks.Written: one completed content piece per 6 weeks.

You’re free to create content for other games too, as long as you meet the minimum quotas for Legends of Venari.

Wrapping Up Legends of Venari Beta Season

Introducing Beta Season

Coming late July

details below pic.twitter.com/v6HmAZi7Nn

— Legends of Venari (@LegendsOfVenari) July 7, 2022

LoV Beta Season is coming and will completely change how we see our Venari collections moving forward. The Grid system, in particular, looks stunning and will revolutionize the gameplay for future players. 

As of now, Legends of Venari is already a very solid project with a live, playable demo. The floor price for an Alpha pass is currently 0.11 $ETH, and we expect the price to remain stable or go up even during the bear market. 

The team has done a wonderful job at keeping the pace of development and releasing new updates for the title to satisfy the community. Recently, they also started collecting public feedback on their initiatives through Upvoty.

If you’re interested in learning more about Legends of Venari before the new season starts, you can check out their Twitter, Discord, and Medium. Some polished and entertaining videos are also published on their YouTube from time to time. You can also follow the community newsletter published here.

Here at Play to Earn Magazine, we’re excited to see where the Season will lead us, and will most likely review it for you once it’s live!

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