Gods Unchained to Mint Star Store Cards

Gods Unchained adds another facet to their play and earn economy by announcing a plan to mint Welcome set cards from the Star Store! This affects Welcome set cards that are Meteorite quality or higher. This change kicks off on December 14th. It includes existing cards as well as any eligible purchases from the Star Store in the future.

The Star Store is an in-game market for Gods Unchained that allows players to purchase cards from the Core and Welcome sets. The available purchase selections change on a regular basis. Core cards are always Plain, though the Welcome cards are Shiny (generally Meteorite and Shadow).

However, even though they are Shiny, these Welcome cards have been bound to the owning account. The Forge in Gods Unchained allows players to combine multiple copies of Plain Core cards into higher shines so they can be traded. But, Welcome cards, whether Shiny or not, have never been tradeable.

Time to Mint those Welcome cards!

That all changes on December 14th as Gods Unchained will begin minting Welcome cards of Meteorite shine or higher into the owning player’s wallet. All existing Welcome cards of Shadow or greater quality will be minted as NFTs on December 14th. After that, any newly purchased, shiny Welcome cards will automatically mint at the time of purchase. Make sure to link your wallet ahead of time!

Star Store purchase options

Welcome cards are normally account bound and untradeable. So this now adds a new facet to he Gods Unchained play and earn economy. Players can accumulate Stars just by playing the game, use those Stars to mint a shiny Welcome card, and then sell that card on the market!

Now, everyone already has access to all the cards from the Welcome set. So the demand will be somewhat limited. However, some players just like having shiny cards, and shiny cards do give bonus points towards the daily quests, so there is value in owning shiny Welcome set cards. Especially the more popular cards (Vanguard Axewoman for example)

Winter Events in Gods Unchained

Things heat up in Gods Unchained this week as they kick off a special, Winter Wanderland event, and open up sales for a new card set. Only available for a limited time, packs for the Winter Wanderland set include three of twenty new cards. There will be opportunities for players to win packs and also earn specially themed trinkets.

Gods Unchained also introduces their first community collaboration event with this set. Called the Candy Chain event, this community project ties into the Winter Wanderland lore. Players must win a number of matches with each God to break the six chains and help Orfeo escape. This is 500,000 games with each of the six Gods. There is also a task to play 250k matches using a Winter Wanderland card. If the GU player community completes all of the Candy Chain tasks, there will be a special, secret reward sent to all participants.

The sale and events start on December 14th.

a Gods Unchained holiday gift

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