Royal Blue Membership

$3,000.00 / year

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Access to blue and yellow and royal blue combined
Access Real time 3000.00 per year (plus expenses if required)
Access 3000.00 per year (plus expenses if required) for 100 days of advising and being readily available .
Access to Global network ( Mosses). (full site )
Access to Opportunity to become for exclusive agent regional , country by country .
Access to extended licenses for state by state city by city offered by licensed agent
Access Opportunity to become a joint venture partner with equipment installation clouded and revenue share with ownership rights case by case basis.
Access Opportunity for license county by county and city by city as an affiliate
Accesses to affinity partners, affiliates, sponsors, advertisers and receive co op
Access distribution of exclusive products
Access to legal documents templates.
Access Blog writer and submitter of articles and redistribution .
Access to all chambers of commerce tourist boards and economic development boards reciprocal links.
Access to become a reciprocal linked partner ,advertising and affiliated affinity programs as well as membership to affiliated groups and services as well as exhibitions ,attendances and information
Access to sponsors and sponsor events and some occasion attendance is free.
Access to submit press releases concerning your market jointly.
Access to revenue share and royalty share.
Access to use all integrated services, doc share, video, stream, shipping containers etc. (underdevelopment )
Access to become submitter as expert news articles and written materail posted and uploaded .
Access to full use of board room and video upload for presentations
Access to full use video conferencing
Access to e-books (under development)
Access to non -profit partnership revenue share .
Access to political action partner and representative revenue share
Access to social network (circulate) membership join the circle. (need profile who s who join the circle registry)
Joint fundraising
General shopping 
Licensing product royalties
Public speaking
Advisory services
Exclusive shopping
NON -Profit and Pac
Mobile phone (coming soon)
Secure line (coming soon)
Encrypted search and mobile (coming soon)
Full Vetting and due diligence
Access to extended Credit
Access to Own interest in the aliveadvisor
Access to Consortium builders
Access Consortium builders preferred vendor(bidder)
Access Consortium partnership
Access Mirror site joint venture worldwide regional or country license
Access to Special events invitations
Access to highest level Executive search confidential
Access htpp:// development )
Access htpp:// development)
Access htpp:// development)
Acess htpp:// devlopment)
Access htpp:// (video limited amount included) (under development)
Access htpp:// ( some charges may apply ) (under development)
Access htpp:// under development)
Acesss htpp:// (under development )
Access Download mobile phone app (coming soon)
Access desk top ect.(coming soon)


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