Blue Membership

$30.00 / year


1-900 line credit card swipe per minute charge
10.00 Dollars per minute charge
500.00 per hour charge .
10 minutes free for blue members

Dashboards for blue /yellow/royal blue

Membership Status Free agent
Access to general shopping cart . (only)
Access affinity affiliated and categories
Advertisers list (tba)
Sponsors (tba)

Access to general web site
Access to general consulting cart

Access non profit
Access pac
Access advisory services
Access public speaking
Access Reviews – blogs
Access Events
Shows (tba)
Business reviews
Access to Pac memorabilia .books tape ect, ebooks
Access Foundation memorabilia ,books tapes ect. Ebooks
Access to Event broad casting live media streaming internet
Access blogs Religious
Access blogs Politics
Access political -feeds
Access Religious – feeds
Access to become developer (tba)
Access Entry level employment head hunting (Tba)
Account temps bookkeepers (tba)
Access Head hunters (tba )
Access Events box ticket sales(tba )
Access Coupons ( epons.)
Access Email blast and direct mailing list services ( sales leads generator)
Access Affinity services
Access Affiliated memberships
Access e-books
Access Seo ,internet and services web development ( blue access)

Access htpp:// under development)
Acesss htpp:// (under development )
Access Download mobile phone app (coming soon)
Access desk top ect.(coming soon)


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