Our Founders

Our founders are worldly diplomat achievers, well-learned Global Businessmen, Independent Political Constitutionalists, professional speakers, pro se litigators for humanity (amicus), and humanitarians. They know and understand the world and have training for a certain set of particular skills that separate them from most others.

“Experience Is The Best Teacher”
Our founders have degrees in diplomacy, foreign affairs and international business, with real hands- on global experience coming with pain and glory. Their experience stems from posts requested, senior advisory roles, acting as consulates or ambassadors to country governments and their leaders or government organizations, such as World Bank, the European Union, the United States government, and the United Nations. They can advise the boards, CEOs, and the management of companies from start to finish, local to worldwide on almost every aspect of business with discernment coming from in-depth knowledge and experience.

We are constantly seeking opportunities to utilize all skills sets and abilities at maximum capacity in the areas of business, religious and political affairs. Our process includes precise, analytical, and strategic road maps to achieving the success desired and implementing one business or array of businesses, or a political campaign. We bring over thirty five years of experience in global business planning and development to the table, and have personal relationships at high levels around the world in areas of business, religion and politics. Our abilities create huge expansion programs and shareholder value, as well as a strategic political and governmental diplomacy needed with when interacting with world.

We have linguistic capabilities in several foreign languages, and understand and have trained in body language and speech therapy, furthering advantages for global applications. We have an understanding of people and personalities around the world, as well as customs and cultures. Our knowledge of the world and its ways are invaluable and will shortcut the globe learning curve and provide access to the global, business world. We identify, value and roll up assets from soup to nuts, and we have financial experience with insurance, bonds and financing offerings for global capital markets. This gives them incredible insights into the rules, regulations, and the responsibilities of running a global company and reporting requirements.

We were responsible from the start for the planning and designing of a 5 BB worldwide fiber optic subsea cable system, setting up offices in several countries worldwide with staff, and participated in negotiation for landing parties, back hauls and telecom, infrastructure partners in over 70 countries worldwide. We targeted billions of dollars of equity in concert with the Bank of America as the lead advisor. The founders were instrumental in building a consortium of vendors and financiers worldwide both private, government, and a syndicate of banks on a global basis.

We have advised on developing real estate around the globe, with projects ranging from commercial office buildings, educational and medical facilities, sports arenas, entertainment, raceways, hotels, golf course venues to regional shopping malls, residential land planning and development to marketing and sales. Our founders have each operated as owner and advisor to several infrastructure projects spanning the globe. We have acted as advisors to governments’ infrastructure concerning pass ports, national ID’s and boarder control, as well as laminate and money printing. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia.

Our founders have consulted for Fortune 500 corporations and others, with a mix of product lines, consisting of telecommunications products, services, equipment including v-sat terminals and handheld mobile satellite telephones, along with passport and identification cards services and secure documents for foreign governments around the world.
Licensing and strategic partnering
The founders bring over thirty years of experience in negotiating agreements for global distribution, joint venture manufacturing, and retailing. They have a network of worldwide relationships consisting of laymen, politicians and major financial players in local, effectuating national and global economies.
Regulatory & law
The founders’ knowledge of the judicial systems and the immigrations processes at Federal, State, Supreme and Foreign tribunals. His humanitarian aid procedures are commendable. Their advising has assisted with children, families, visa’s, disaster relief, mediator, 34 40 Acts, insurance law, contract law and Constitutional Law, as well as US Tax Laws. Our founders’ knowledge of US Laws, Cannon Laws and The Codices of The Order of Bonaria and Vatican City State are Relevant to the Code of Ethics in business matters understanding the customs and other aspects of doing business around the globe. They also have in-depth past experiences with the public markets and the mechanics of public companies having to deal their own settlement with the SEC. with unproven accusations against them. They have been victims of a major loss and costly experience brings them firsthand experience that is priceless.

Being strong activists for Africa, the founders have selflessly dedicated his time to the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), where they served as trustees. The founders were involved with World Bank funding and proposing of building on line training schools in Africa, and understand the work with world banks and International monetary fund if required. Our founders are leaders for judicial reform and fairness preserving and protecting The Constitution of the United States of America and other global democracies rules and regulations.

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The world on one platform

The world on one platform.