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Our clients speak here of the level of service we provide. Stop here to enumerate some reasons as to why AliveAdvisor is the best global marketplace platform for businesses worldwide.

Business Expansion Review

“AliveAdvisor first determined my company’s growth potential. When I approached them to realize international markets for the services I provide. Their team of experts cited an array of positive factors that were external to my organization. These were country-specific economic and market trends including GDP, social strata, increasing incomes of the middle class, and demand for quality services.”

“Despite positive market indicators, I asked whether my service meets the performance objectives or will they fall short of international-entry requirements? Experts at AliveAdvisor indicated confidence about the positive external factors that would work to my advantage. Well, I am so glad I heeded their advice and went on. I am looking back a few years from now and thank them for the success achieved.”

Dino Maria, CEO, Easy Consulting

Strategic Partnering Review

“We were from different parts of the world. And it was not a fleeting encounter that brought us together. AliveAdvisor played an important role in identifying ‘SalePush’ as a strategic partner without which our global expansion plans would not have tasted success. We underwent a full merger of technologies and capabilities to create a collaborative corporate asset.”

“A well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful collaborations goes a long way in the global environment we thrive in today. Without AliveAdvisor, we would have had to devote more time and finance to screen partners in human terms. AliveAdvisor effectively unleashed the future benefits of the alliance to our business so that we need not worry about controlling the relationship rather than nurturing it.”

Juan Garcia, President, QuickSpace

Global Licensing Review

“Expanding global marketplaces have been key to successful licensing programs across the world these days. With the advent of technology, many local trademark owners and licensees like me are following in the footsteps of international brands to adopt it as a core revenue stream. AliveAdvisor made it simple and easy for my international business expansion plans. It is the most exciting and inspiring aspect of my business activity now.”

“Getting it right is the key element of being successful in licensing. There are secrets to success and require years of practical experience and contacts worldwide. AliveAdvisor gave me the right mix of social, print, and online media to stand where I am today. We have entered several strategic licensing agreements with businesses around the world to craft a success story. ‘SunRays’ is now a well-established global brand working on projects in over 20 countries.”

Tushar Ahuja, Founder, SunRays

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