Xiaomi finally joins the Metaverse universe!

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has announced that it will eventually enter the Metaverse universe. You can learn what the company will do in the Metaverse universe and the details from this news.

Xiaomi, which is in many sectors other than mobile products, announced that it has stepped into the virtual world with a new patent application. According to the patent application, Xiaomi is joining the Metaverse with new characters. This step of the company includes a series of innovations related to creating virtual characters.

Cryptocurrencies and Metaverse are on the agenda of the whole world. Metaverse technology is getting better by the day and many users can’t wait to experience it. Xiaomi is also officially entering the Metaverse by keeping up with innovations. Looking at the details of the patent application, a very impressive entry awaits users.

Xiaomi enters the Metaverse universe

Xiaomi finally joins the Metaverse universe

In the Metaverse, users will be able to create a virtual character and then train it. These characters can be fed, dressed, and equipped with many other abilities. The method of creating the characters according to the details in the application is quite simple. According to the new patent application, it provides some details about the image parameters and other things needed to create the virtual characters. New characters to be created will have a unique gene sequence.

The characters will all look different from each other. New virtual characters powered by blockchain technology can be the new entertainment style for users. These virtual characters will be unique and never copied, thanks to the blockchain. In addition, this technology includes highly reliable and decentralized technology.

Similar to this patent application, Xiaomi launched a virtual pet rabbit called “Crypto Rabbit” in 2018. Way ahead of its time, Xiaomi removed Crypto Rabbit on March 1, 2022. These crypto bunnies, introduced by the brand in 2018, were unique thanks to their cryptic nature. From the moment you created the bunny, it could not be copied or modified by others.


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