We found a wallet bursting with cash – We returned it anonymously but CCTV meant we got an incredible reward

A VETERAN tracked down the two teens who anonymously returned his wallet filled with cash to offer them an even bigger reward.

Marc Walsh had thought his wallet was long lost to the snowy Detroit streets, before it was found by the 14-year-old Vincent sisters who were later caught on his CCTV returning it.

FOXThe moment that the two girls were caught on Marc Walsh’s CCTV returning his wallet filled with cash[/caption]

FOXMakhia and Makyla Vincent said that they instantly ‘knew we had to return it’ to the veteran[/caption]

“Really heartbroken, I really didn’t know what to do,” Walsh told Fox 2 News.

The disabled Marine Corps veteran had dropped his wallet filled with cash, credit cards and his military ID somewhere on the street in Detroit’s West Side.

He never imagined he would see it again. However, Makhia and Makyla Vincent stumbled across the prized item on their walk to school.

They saw the military ID and instantly knew they had to return it – their grandfather was a veteran too.

“I read the veterans card and I was like I would hate if that was my granddad and that happened to him so I knew we had to return it,” Makyla explained.

Walsh didn’t know who the kind strangers were, but his home CCTV captured the moment they returned it.

The veteran was so touched by the kind gesture, he reached out to a news outlet to help track them down.

The news of their selfless act quickly spread. “All of the sudden we were all over the news and people are saying thank you for turning it in and everything, it was great,” Makhia said.

After being united with his the girls, Walsh rewarded them with $200 and told them: “I’m so incredibly grateful, so grateful and humbled”.

The sisters said they “knew” they had to do the right thing and Walsh responded: “It renews my faith in humanity, it really does.”

Overjoyed at their new haul, the girls said they would spend a little, but make sure to save most of it.

In Canada, another sweet story has emerged of a homeless man who returning thousands of pounds worth of cash.

The man had found a suitcase stuffed with cash worth £1,223 and handed it to police to track down its owner or give it to charity.

Inspired by the story, a GoFundMe page was set up to reward his selfless act, but after the man was found he asked for it to be given to charity instead.

Elsewhere, a Ghanaian taxi driver tracked down a local fishmonger to return £570 worth of cash she had left it in his cab.

His viral story is touching the hearts of millions and donations for the kind man pour in.

FOXThe Vincent sisters and Walsh were all reunited so he could thank them for their kind actions[/caption]

FOXWalsh said their decision to return the wallet ‘renews my faith in humanity’[/caption]


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