Ukraine’s President Zelensky fights back tears as he rallies EU countries for fighter jets

PRESIDENT Volodymyr Zelensky fought back tears yesterday as he rallied support from the European Parliament.

The emotional leader, in Brussels to ask EU countries for fighter jets, appeared to bite his lip as he received a heroes’ welcome.

An emotional President Zelensky addresses the European Parliament as he rallies support for Ukraine

He told MEPs: “Glory to Ukraine.” In a powerful moment, they shouted: “Glory to heroes.”

EU states — along with the UK and US — are under mounting pressure to agree to provide jets to counter Russia’s invasion.

Mr Zelensky visited the UK on Wednesday and was told by PM Rishi Sunak that nothing was off the table.

But Defence Secretary Ben Wallace insisted there were more efficient ways to help because of the time it would take to train Ukrainian pilots.

He added that Britain’s Typhoons are part of a four-nation treaty with Spain, Italy and Germany — and they would have to be united in any decision to send them.

And he asked: “If I gave away all my Typhoons as Boris Johnson said, who’s going to look after Romania? Who is going to take on IS in Syria?”

Yesterday the Kremlin warned: “Russia will know how to respond to any unfriendly actions by the British side.” It called Mr Zelensky “pompous” and “hypocritical”.


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