The story behind CryptosRUs: What is George Tung’s net worth?

CRYPTOSRUS founder George Tung has amassed more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers since quitting his job as an IT manager in 2017.

But what’s the story behind the crypto influencer and what’s his net worth?

Who is CryptosRUs?

George Tung was born in Chicago, Illinois.

He studied Telecommunications and Networking Technology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana before graduating in 2004.

After graduating he started work as a system administrator at Fertility Centers of Illinois before leaving in 2011 and joining Midwest Vein Center as an IT manager.

He only lasted one month at Midwest Vein Center before Tung joined Upp Technology as the IT infrastructure manager.

Tung said he first heard about cryptocurrency in 2013 when Bitcoin reached $1200.

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He said: “Every news outlet was talking about how Bitcoin was a ‘ponzi’ scheme reaching new heights.

“At the time I was working in IT and thought that Bitcoin was the greatest invention ever created.

“Using computers to generate a digital currency worth real-world money, out of thin air.

“I started mining Litecoin and instantly became obsessed.

“Soon I had over a dozen mining rigs running in my basement, running at all times of the day.

“However, this phase of my life only lasted 4 months, as I decided to shut down my mining operations, due to a sharp fall in the market.

“I fell for the FUD, I didn’t have conviction and I didn’t HODL.”

In 2015, Tung then joined ATI Physical Therapy and that would be his last role in IT.

In 2017 he finally followed his passion 10 years after starting his career – starting a YouTube channel called CryptosRUs where he shares his knowledge on the space.

CryptosRUs instantly took off and grew to 40,000 subscribers in just a few months.

Tung said: “Things were starting to really take off, until the start of crypto winter in 2018.

“People were devastated and so many left the space.

“I however through all the hard knocks decided to press on.

“I didn’t want to make the same mistake I did back in 2014 when things turned sour.”

Tung has since grown it into one of the biggest crypto channels on YouTube, with more than 600,000 subscribers.

One year after starting CryptosRUs, Tung also created Drivers Only – which publishes stories about cars.

Drivers Only now has more than 100,000 subscribers.

Both channels have also associated websites which publish car reviews and stories on blockchain technologies and altcoins.

What is George Tung’s net worth?

George Tung’s CryptosRUs channel is estimated to make around $20,000 monthly from YouTube ads – bringing in around $240,000 annually.

Drivers Only is also believed to earn Tung around $15,000 annually.

The founder of CryptosRUs is believed to be worth around $2million.

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