South Korea Bank KEB Hana Enters Metaverse

Four months after British bank HSBC joined Metaverse, The Sandbox has announced that it will enter the expanding world of South Korean financial institution KEB Hana Bank. KEB Hana has been in business since 1967. In addition, the bank offers the widest range of foreign exchange products in the country. It is also rated as the best in South Korea as it has the most valuable asset.

Keb Hana Enters Metaverse!

South Korea Bank KEB Hana Enters Metaverse

South Korean commercial bank KEB Hana Bank announced on Monday that it has partnered with The Sandbox to create a Metaverse targeting Generation Z customers. The bank’s K-verse aims to market new events and provide limited virtual banking services.

It also gains the title of being the first South Korean bank to launch such an initiative. KEB Hana Bank is recognized as the bank that offers the most foreign exchange products and services to its domestic customers. The two companies will create a collaborative business model by opening a virtual branch in the games .

In addition, users will be able to receive basic banking services here. They will get an opinion on promoted investments and can visit later. Hana Financial Group will also be introduced to K-verse, a virtual space hosting some Korean content.

KEB Hana Bank Vice President Jung Kim said in a statement that the Metaverse is the primary tool for people to experience Web3. He also explained that this partnership will open the door to a brand new type of service, especially for younger generations.

Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea, also revealed that she is excited to see KEB Hana Bank enter the Metaverse to create new types of content. She also stated that the easy-to-use Metaverse banking service for users will be the next step.


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