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Are you aware of the proper steps to take for entering a new market? Have you defined and effectively planned a method to approach international markets? Glocalization! Have you clued up to this term? Indeed, you have a different approach in mind, but be sure to avoid common pitfalls.

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Hundreds of millions of buyers do online shopping nowadays. Your product or service is desired and eligible to show across different channels.

Free Listing with the AliveAdvisor is based on your data requirement. Enhanced listings on the marketplace require more product data. It will therefore require you to comply with both free listing and marketing policies,

The AliveAdvisor Global Marketplace permits users to offer products through the free-listing and Global Royal Blue Membership to sell products and services on an exclusive or partial license worldwide.

Our accessible business listing platform is open for agents, advisors, and sales representatives from all corners of the world.

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Remember that when your product or service is listed, it makes it easier for potential buyers to find your phone number, business hours, location, and other related information you feel they would require. Our free listing service program is an excellent way for you to increase visibility and reach out to potential international markets.

The AliveAdvisor Marketplace will make it simple for glocal customers to find your products or services. We facilitate the process of buying for your customers by placing your business in front of them to draw their attention while you provide as many citations as you like.

All business owners, including SMEs, are now aware and well-versed of the advantages of listings. AliveAdvisor is a comprehensive online platform allowing business owners, prospective customers, and professionals to identify and get together to enlarge business activities.

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Joining the AliveAdvisor Marketplace

There are numerous associated benefits when you enlist your product or service on our platform. You can effectively –

Enhance Your Online Presence: You have access to several advanced filter options when you enlist your product or service on the AliveAdvisor marketplace. It enables you to connect with a specific audience. Our glocal business model helps target customers worldwide.
Improve Your Glocal Visibility: From the other end, our advanced filter choices enable buyers to connect with the products and services they are looking for. We maintain a versatile model that allows businesses to focus on the desired glocations.
Get Easily Discovered: Ensure that your business details are accurate to increase the chances of your products or services’ chances of being discovered. This will come in handy even when buyers only search for categories and no specific brand name.
Create Brand Awareness: Be consistent in design and presentation so that each time a buyer comes across your business, they are reminded of the products or services you offer. It is a great way to increase brand awareness.
Rank Higher on Google: SEO and web content play a critical role in ranking higher on search engines. Our listings functionally supplement your existing web content and provide extra validation to gain the faith of the search engines.

The AliveAdvisor Free Listing Platform

Our free business listing marketplace model is a win-win situation for businesses worldwide seeking global expansion. Get going and utilize the available tools to fix your online listings. The AliveAdvisor Marketplace is a perfectly updated platform that positively enhances your online reputation.

Going global has never been so simple.
Take your products and services worldwide at the push of a button. Join the free listing platform at AliveAdvisor and sell your offerings to the world through our eCommerce platform.

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Daniel Imperato
Author: Daniel Imperato

Dr. Fr. Daniel JP Imperato KM.GC.S.S.P.GM+OB was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, in 1958 to Italian and Lithuanian immigrants. He had a checkered career spanning over 40 years with both good and bad periods. Dr. Imperato is a well-learned worldly diplomat, professional speaker, political constitutionalist, and global business advisor. Early Life Dr. Daniel Imperato started very young as an altar boy at St. Anthony’s Church in Boston, Mass. He delivered newspapers as most young lads do at age 14. He passed out flyers in the campaign for George McGovern. Dr. Imperato also worked as a cook in a small sandwich shop near home. Dr. Imperato worked as Assistant Auctioneer at Henry Gray Associates in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Boston Redevelopment Authority when Kevin Whites served as a Mayor, and for the City of Revere under the Majority Whip Leader Tip O'Neill. Dr. Daniel Imperato felt worthy enough and gave it all while pursuing every opportunity that he got.

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