Moment dad shoots dead daughter’s ex-boyfriend who tried to break down front door to ‘kill her’ in Ring doorbell footage

HORROR footage captures the moment a US dad gunned down his daughter’s ex-boyfriend as he tried to break into the family’s home.

The shocking confrontation – filmed on doorbell video cam at the house in Sidney, Ohio – shows the 22-year-old attempting to force open the front door after being told by the family to go away.

James Rayl tries to break into the family home in Sidney, OhioHe tries to smash down the door by repeatedly shoulder-barging itHe is gunned down by his ex-girlfriend’s father

He rings the doorbell repeatedly, ignoring the pleas from inside the house to leave.

Waiting in front of the door, he folds his hands behind his back.

James Rayl, wearing a baseball cap, blue hoodie, grey t-shirt and shorts then tries to smash down the door by barging into it with the full force of his shoulder.

The ex-girlfriend’s father, Mitch Duckro, warns Rayl that he is armed as he continues to try and break in.



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As the door is eventually forced open, three gunshots suddenly ring out, and Rayl staggers away wounded.

The clip shows him stumbling down the porch steps before collapsing in the front yard.

Several minutes later, a neighbour Jeffrey Hereford appears in frame walking across the Duckro’s front lawn and saying: “Don’t shoot me.”

Referring to Mr Rayl, he said: “He ain’t got no gun.”

He was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders, while a later autopsy found he was shot twice in the shoulders and back, as reported by the Sidney Daily News.

In a chilling recording of the family’s desperate 911 call at the time of the incident, obtained by WHIO-TV 7, a woman describes the intruder as her ex-boyfriend as she tells her father that Rayl is trying to break down the door.

“Dad, is he trying to kill me?” she can be heard saying.

After Mr Duckro shoots at Rayl, his daughter is heard telling him: “Dad, there’s nothing you could have done. You saved my life.”

The deadly shooting took place on July 31 at around 11am.

Dad, is he trying to kill me?

Daughter, Mitch Duckro

Reports say that Duckro’s daughter had broken off her relationship with Rayl a year and a half earlier, but had called and left a voicemail the night before he showed up at her house.

Earlier this month, a grand jury in Shelby County voted 8-1 against indicting Mr Duckro on charges related to the killing, citing Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

This controversial law states that a homeowner doesn’t have a legal duty to retreat from their home before opening fire.

The news has enraged Mr Rayl’s family, who have launched a Facebook page demanding justice.

His sister Jessica Colbert wrote in a recent post: “Mitch shot him in the back and killed him.

“I hope your days are more miserable than they’ve ever been. You’re a disgusting excuse of a human being along with your daughter.”

A neighbour who checked on the wounded Rayl – after the woman inside refused a dispatcher’s request to do so – said he didn’t see Rayl enter the home.

“If he entered the house, why did he shoot through the door?” the neighbour Jeff Hereford is quoted as saying.

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However, another neighbour, Denesa Goings, told reporters she believed Mr Duckro had every right to fire his weapon.

Shelby County Sheriff Jim Frye said: “Several tips, including tips provided by Mr Rayl’s family, were investigated by the Sheriff’s Office during the week, and no new information was found.”


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