Kim Jong-un fires two long-range missiles in a ‘clear warning to enemies’ amid North Korea’s chilling series of tests

KIM Jong-un has fired two more missiles in a “clear warning to enemies” as North Korea flexes its military muscle.

It is the latest in a chilling series of tests the tyrant has overseen in recent weeks as tensions flare.

King Jong-un has test-fired two long-range missiles. Stock picAFPReutersThe tyrant has unleashed several missiles in recent weeks[/caption]

North Korea launched a pair of long-range strategic cruise missiles on Wednesday, hitting a target 2,000km away.

Kim said the test fire should be seen as another “clear warning to enemies”, state media reported.

The despot added that the country “should continue to expand the operational sphere of the nuclear strategic armed forces to resolutely deter any crucial military crisis and war crisis at any time and completely take the initiative in it,” according to Korea Central News Agency (KCNA).

The pair of missiles flew for 10,234 seconds to “clearly hit the target 2,000km away”, KCNA added.

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Cruise missiles are among a number of smaller weapons recently developed by North Korea seen as able to fly low and manoeuvre in order to better evade missile defences.

Kim said last year that developing smaller bombs is a top goal, and officials in Seoul have said that if the North resumes nuclear testing for the first time since 2017, developing smaller devices could be among its goals.

It comes just days after North Korea fired another pair of short-range ballistic missiles towards Japan.

The South Korean military dubbed the launches a “serious provocation” that harms peace.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida issued an “emergency alert,” warning its citizens to “take all possible measures for precaution”.

Meanwhile last Thursday, South Korea frantically scrambled fighter jets after Kim flew 12 warplanes close to the border.

Eight fighter jets and four bombers glided in a chilling formation and are believed to have carried out air-to-surface firing drills, according to South Korea’s military.

It came hours after Kim fired two more ballistic missiles towards Japan in its sixth round of missile tests in less than two weeks.

Tensions have risen sharply on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea’s recent barrage of missile tests prompted South Korea, the US and Japan to conduct joint drills in response.

The North’s Defence Ministry called its recent missile tests a righteous reaction to intimidating military drills between South Korea and the US.

North Korea regards US-South Korean military exercises as an invasion rehearsal and is especially sensitive if such drills involve US strategic assets such as an aircraft carrier.

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North Korea has argued it was forced to pursue a nuclear weapons programme to cope with US nuclear threats.

US and South Korean officials have repeatedly said they have no intentions of attacking the North.


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