I’m a time traveller from 2028 – I was asked to break into a restricted base to prove it, so here I am in a HELICOPTER

A TIKTOK “time traveller” has shared new videos on board a helicopter as “proof” he is stuck in a post-apocalyptic future.

Javier – who calls himself Lone Survivor – claims he is posting from the year 2028 in a world with no other people.

A TikTok video shows Javier walking unchallenged through an aircraft hangarTikTok/@unicosobrevivienteNo one else is around as he approaches the emergency chopperTikTok/@unicosobrevivienteThe door is open and he climbs aboardTikTok/@unicosobreviviente‘Where do you want it to go?’ he asked his followersTikTok/@unicosobreviviente

Some of his seven million followers challenged him to prove his claims by going into an army base near Valencia, Spain.

Last month he posted footage of deserted barracks and a museum piece helicopter – although it was unclear if he was inside the base itself.

Now he has followed it up with more footage that appears to show him climbing on board a modern rescue chopper.

He is first seen walking through a hangar unchallenged, then approaching the red emergency copter with no one else in sight.



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Another vid shows him in the cockpit with his feet next to the pedals.

He wrote in the caption: “If I can turn it on, where do you want it to go?”

The wacky TikToker began posting last year, claiming he was stuck in the year 2017 after a mystery mass extinction of all other humans.

His videos show deserted streets and empty shops around his home city.

Followers regularly pose challenges for him to prove his story by visiting restricted sites.

Javier has also shared updates of his “all alone in the world” and filmed himself at landmarks in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

He also claims he is trying to find a way back to our present day.

“I keep trying to find human life. I am starting to lose hope,” he wrote in one vid.

“Today I got something to eat. How long is this going to last? Mention in the comments who might be able to help me.”

He claims he is not sure how he is able to post videos from the future, but reckons “most likely there is a type of connection” between the two years.

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The TikToker previously posted from an army base near ValenciaTikTok/@unicosobrevivienteHis video showed barracks but no cars or peopleTikTok/@unicosobrevivientetiktok @unicosobrevivienteThe man claims he is stuck in the year 2028 after a mass extinction[/caption]


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