I’m a mortician and the worst death I’ve heard of is when a bloke fell down a manhole – what happened next was chilling

A MORTICIAN has revealed the worst death she has ever heard of is of a man who fell down a manhole- but there is a horrific twist.

Youtuber Caitlin Doughty has described the chilling final moments of the man in her web series called “Ask a Mortician”.

YoutubeCaitlin has revealed the worst death she has ever heard of[/caption]

The mortician recalls that she heard the case of the worst possible death from her colleague Dr Judy Melinek during an “Ask a medical examiner” Q&A.

When asked “what’s the worst thing you have ever seen,” the forensic pathologist told the story of a man who died after he was cooked alive following a fall down a manhole.

She said: “Two buddies were out drinking. One guy thinks the other guy is hitting on his girlfriend so he starts beating him up and throws him into an open manhole.

“There is a broken water main nearby so at the bottom of the manhole, there is a pool of boiling water.



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“When emergency services arrived the man was still alive reaching up and screaming for help.

“They couldn’t get him out for another three hours. When they finally did they took his temperature and it read 125 degrees but likely only because that’s as high as the thermometer goes.

“When Dr Judy did his autopsy he was like a lobster. His organs literally cooked as he had been boiled alive.”

The mortician often discusses macabre topics on her web series and answers questions her followers have about death.

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GettyThe man was cooked alive after falling down a manhole[/caption]


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