I tracked down a homeless hero who handed in THOUSANDS in cash – his response when offered a reward was jaw-dropping

THIS homeless man’s selfless act has been praised by millions across the globe.

The Canadian man shocked police when he handed in a suitcase discovered to have £1,223 cash into a police station.

Internet UnknownPolice were shocked when the man turned in the entirety of the money[/caption]

GettyHis selfless actions touched many across Canada[/caption]

Constable Alex Bérubé of the West Shore Canadian National Police Service said when the gent showed up with the suitcase, he was touched.

Bérubé said: “He just remained very humble and said: ‘You know what? I don’t want that money, you can donate that money to food shelters’.”

When word of the man’s selfless act made headlines, a GoFundMe page was created to give the Langford man a reward.

The police constable decided to track down the man after he turned in the suitcase and tell him about the money raised for his honest actions.

Bérubé said: “After hearing this story and seeing how this case touched so many people, I took a personal interest in finding this man, looking for him everywhere while on and off shift.

“It’s not easy tracking down a person of no fixed address and no phone, but I kept trying because I needed to tell him about how the community had rallied together to help him.”

After Bérubé tracked him down and informed him of the money raised, the anonymous homeless man asked authorities to donate the money to charity instead.

Bérubé said the man asked him to donate the GoFundMe money to a local charity, called Our Place Society.

According to its website, Our Place Society is a community centre serving “Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable”, including working poor, impoverished elderly, mentally and physically challenged, addicted and the homeless.

The amazing organisation reportedly serves over 1000 free meals per day and provides hot showers, free clothing, and counselling.

The man reportedly said that he was touched by the public’s effort but what he really wanted was a job.

After hearing of the amazing story, journalist Mike Kelly began a job search to help the man.

Kelly said: “Here is a man who is facing many challenges, yet despite that, he chose to do the right thing and see that another person wasn’t left short thousands of dollars and facing the challenges that would bring them.

“Now I’m going to do everything I can to help find him a job that fits his personal situation, and will hopefully move him closer to overcoming his current challenges.”

The owner of the original lost suitcase full of money has also been identified.

Bérubé commented: “It’s a gratifying part of our work when we can help do something for someone that has a positive impact on their life.”

One lucky grandmother was reunited with her cash-packed wallet after a do-good teenager decided to return it.

When 61-year-old Dee Harkrider lost her wallet after a trip to Walmart, she didn’t expect to find it again.

19-year-old Delivontae had parked at Walmart when he noticed a wallet sitting on a shopping cart.

He picked up the wallet and pocketed it, but then decided it was best to find the owner of the wallet.

As a reward for his honesty and kindness, Dee decided to give Delivontae a $20 bill from her wallet.

Twitter/the_mounted_onePolice officer Alex was touched by the man’s actions[/caption]

Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceThe man wrote a heartfelt note explaining why he was returning the money[/caption]

GoogleThe selfless man returned the money to the police, who gave it to its rightful owner[/caption]


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