I got a tattoo while drunk and later realised it was VERY X-rated – now people troll me… I’m mortified

A MAN got a tattoo while drunk and later realised it was VERY X-rated – now people troll him and he’s mortified.

The dad-to-be shared a video of the cheeky tattoo while waiting in hospital for baby scans.

TikTokA man got an X-rated tattoo and is constantly stared at[/caption]

Tik TokThe dad-to-be warned against ‘drinking and inking’[/caption]

“Just been getting looked at while waiting for our scan in hospital and only just realised why,” Tiktoker tomomufc89 said, sharing a video of his ordeal.

The short clip shows him in a packed waiting room. He then moves the frame down to his tattooed leg to reveal his X-rated ink job that showed a naked woman in a suggestive pose.

“God help me I need a cover up so badly… Don’t drink and ink people, ever,” he wrote.

Tiktok users lapped up the sorry dad’s misery.



I got EXTREMELY rude tattoo on my arm – people hate it but I don’t regret it


I wanted a cute matching tattoo with my friend…it looks like something VERY rude

A friend commented: “I remember you having that done. these are things we regret later on.”

Another quipped: “Tonight on Tattoo fixers.”

It comes as woman was left in tears when she went to get a matching tattoo with her best friend, but was left horrified at how it looked.

Alaina Nicole took to TikTok to tell people about her experience and it’s many open-mouthed.

What Alaina thought was going to be a sweet butterfly tattoo to match her bestie, turned out to resemble something very rude. 

The social media user uploaded the video with the caption ‘When you try to get cute matching bestie tattoos and you get two limp d*cks instead!’.

Alaina said: “It’ll make for a good story someday. 

“Long story short, I went on a vacation with me and my best friend, we wanted to get matching tattoos.

“We did look up the shop, we did research it, we know people who have gotten work done there, it is a reputable shop.

“We do not blame the artist, we do not blame the shop, unfortunately we just had a bad experience, but nothing against them.

“But on the flip side to them, I don’t think that there’s any way the artist didn’t know what it looked like before – clearly it wasn’t a butterfly, we knew that as soon as we saw them and walked out of the shop.”

In Alaina’s video she is sobbing as she shows off her and her friends tattoo – what they thought would look cool, with half a butterfly on each of their arms, looked very rude, resembling a penis.

Tik TokThe revealing tattoo shows a naked woman in a suggestive pose[/caption]


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