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Move out of your comfort zone! Here is an opportunity to expand your business by targeting the whole world at the push of a button. Grow your company globally! Move out of your city, state, and country to target a potential audience that is interested in what you have to offer. Is your business ready to explore new geographical markets and take on the world?


The AliveAdvisor marketplace is eager and ready to take your company global and help people enjoy the comfort and convenience of conducting B2B and D2C business online. However, our business model doesn’t intend to replace the face time that is necessary to build personal trust and relationships required by successful business operations.


Our global advisory board and global consulting services are fulfilled by highly qualified professionals with hands-on experience across local and regional markets worldwide. They are here to give you a better understanding of who you are working with, including interacting with outsourced staff, vendors, partners, and customers in each country where you plan to do business.


Going Global Made Simple


Taking your business global with us will transform the way your business works and succeeds in a global market space while you focus on what you do best.


Gather more information on the type of marketing mechanisms that will work best for your business type. Including search marketing, social media, and online advertising to put out your messages in the most effective way.


Taking your business global means selling to international customers and for which you will have to create high-quality products that will meet international marketing standards. Going global in certain circumstances also means outsourcing expertise, technology, and various raw materials.


  • International Marketing Strategies: it is advisable to prepare first when you are taking your business global. Start by researching and gathering as much information as you can about the country in which you want to sell your products. Ensure you hire the best global advisory board to check your application. Seek top global consultancy services to learn about competition levels and identification of market gaps. Ensure you evaluate your business to compete globally.
  • Access Outstanding Talent: Global business operations allow you to access great talent. Your business can access a pool of potential employees who have experience and unique skills in running a business. You can also open branches in the new locations. Hiring employees who have excellent knowledge about the host country will go a long way and help you beat the competition.
  • Penetrating New Markets: This comes down to expanding your customer base and results in more profits through sales. However, you should be evaluating your output before you set out to sell your products in the international market. Ensure that you sell something that satisfies the needs of international customers and that your products are culturally acceptable. Your business can only succeed by selling the right products. Your alertness will result in more sales and increased revenue. Taking your business global is a ticket to boost revenues.
  • Gauge Chances of Diversification: A chance to diversify is another reason why you should take your business to a global level. It means to identify new products or services that you can create and sell to sustain your business activities. It is also a great way to protect your business and avoid shutting shop. Diversifying allows your business to grow. Think of business diversification during global expansion because diversifying at the local level comparatively presents many hurdles.
  • Evaluate Investment Opportunities: Taking your business global will eventually help you identify better investment opportunities. Chances are that you also get to sign great deals with international partners. This can dramatically grow your business. However, before doing so, ensure you research and confer with your global advisory board to find the ideal partner with the same business objectives and goals. Partnering with the right company is crucial to the success of your global expansion plans.


Getting exposure to new investment opportunities is an added advantage that comes along with global business expansion. AliveAdvisor, with feet on the ground, understands this well and can identify the most lucrative options for you on a global scale.


Daniel Imperato
Author: Daniel Imperato

Dr. Fr. Daniel JP Imperato KM.GC.S.S.P.GM+OB was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, in 1958 to Italian and Lithuanian immigrants. He had a checkered career spanning over 40 years with both good and bad periods. Dr. Imperato is a well-learned worldly diplomat, professional speaker, political constitutionalist, and global business advisor. Early Life Dr. Daniel Imperato started very young as an altar boy at St. Anthony’s Church in Boston, Mass. He delivered newspapers as most young lads do at age 14. He passed out flyers in the campaign for George McGovern. Dr. Imperato also worked as a cook in a small sandwich shop near home. Dr. Imperato worked as Assistant Auctioneer at Henry Gray Associates in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Boston Redevelopment Authority when Kevin Whites served as a Mayor, and for the City of Revere under the Majority Whip Leader Tip O'Neill. Dr. Daniel Imperato felt worthy enough and gave it all while pursuing every opportunity that he got.

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