Girl, 10, mauled by shark which ripped off part of her foot – only for her to then fight beast off by KICKING IT

A BRAVE 10-year-old girl who was mauled by a shark boasted “I won” after fighting off the beast.

Jasmine Carney had part of her foot ripped off in the horror attack at a beach in Florida on Sunday afternoon.

NBC MiamiJasmine Carney, 10, lost part of her foot in the shark attack[/caption]

NBC MiamiJasmine had surgery on her ankle, where she had suffered deep tears and lacerations[/caption]

She was at Hobe Sound Beach with her nan and her brother when she decided to go for a swim.

But she suddenly felt a pang of pain and was horrified to look down and see a shark chomping on her foot.

She told WPTV: “Something grabbed me. It looked pretty big and it was grey. It hurt, so I’m like ‘kick it and run away’.”

The brave youngster managed to scare the beast away by kicking it and then sprinted down the beach to find her nan with blood pouring from her foot.

“I fought a shark and won,” she proudly said from her hospital bed just days after the attack.

Stephanie Carney, her adoptive grandmother, said she was “amazed”.

She said: “She came running up that beach, screaming ‘Nana! Nana! Something bit me’.

“And I saw all the blood and I got the lifeguard.”

Lifeguards rushed to put a tourniquet on her ankle to try and stop the bleeding coming from her foot.

Emergency services raced to the scene and she was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Medics said they were amazed by how calm Jasmine was after the traumatic experience.

Dr Nir Hus, who treated the young girl, said: “She was very positive from the get-go.

“There was a piece missing from her foot. Luckily for her, that was the only location she was bitten.”

Jasmine had surgery on her ankle, where she had suffered deep tears and lacerations.

The 10-year-old credited her six-year-old brother for keeping her calm after the shark attack.

She said: “He’s pretty curious, so I might as well stay calm because I know he wouldn’t want me to be scared, because he’s the best little brother in the world.”

Stephanie told TCPalm: “Jasmine had told her family for years that she was afraid something in the water would bite her, but had learned to enjoy playing in the ocean.”

Doctors said the youngster will make a full recovery within six months.


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