French President Macron: Web 3 and the metaverse have great potential

French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview that France’s cultural institutions should develop an NFT policy and support Web3 innovation. He also added that the metaverse and Web3 could play an important role in promoting cultural and creative content.

“Web3 is a necessity as well as a potential”

In an interview with local media outlet Big Whale, Macron stated that the metaverse could be used to develop cultural policies. He described the digital developments as a revolution and touched on the potential benefits of this revolution.

The French President said on the subject, “Metaverse; Thanks to its applications in events such as music, concerts and art exhibitions, it has a great potential in the fields of culture and entertainment. We cannot formulate our cultural policies without considering this revolution.” said.

Macron also added that the cultural richness of France, such as language, monuments, cities, creates a unique opportunity to create a lifestyle in the metaverse. He evaluated the transfer of this cultural accumulation to virtual universes as “writing the digital history” of France. In addition, he mentioned that France’s leading cultural organizations are necessary to create NFT policies, support and protect players.

Macron further said that Web3 has a potential that should not be missed, but also a necessity.

He also touched on the controversial MiCA regulation

French President Macron: Web 3 and the metaverse have great potential

Macron also spoke about the highly debated European Union’s Markets in Digital Assets (MiCA) regulation, which came to the fore with the PoW ban proposal, which was later lifted. Macron noted that he supports the regulations and that the rules are important to ensure stability. He noted that this would lay the foundation for creating an integrated market in Europe. The French leader reiterated his belief that this arrangement would not harm the progress of the nations. Macron also praised the success of two French crypto companies, Ledger and Sorare.

Finally, Macron said he wants to see Europe as the leader of the digital revolution. He emphasized that Europe should act independently of the USA and China in this regard.


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