Disfigured Instagram model needs reconstructive surgery after dentist ‘gave her free facial fillers to advertise clinic’

THESE are the shocking images that reveal how an influencer was left deformed and unrecognisable following a free botched cosmetic procedure.

Mariana Michelini, who has 15,000 Instagram followers, is suing a dentist after a “facial harmonisation” procedure left her face disfigured.

NewsflashThe former beauty Mariana, before the botched procedure[/caption]

NewsflashStiches and a disfigured face was not was Mariana had planned[/caption]

NewsflashMariana, pictured right, with her new face after the botched job[/caption]

The pictures show a former glam girl, whose beauty stole the hearts of many, now with a damaged face.

Photos taken after the procedure show her face bloated, swollen, and covered in stitches.

The procedure was carried out for free by a dental professional in Matao, south-eastern Brazil, in December 2020.

Facial harmonisation uses non-surgical procedures such as botox and hyaluronic acid filler to modify facial features.

The influencer underwent the procedure in exchange for advertising the dental professional’s services on social media.

Six months later her face began to swell alarmingly and her skin became discoloured.

She needed painful reconstruction surgery on her damaged face and now said she is struggling to cope with the aftermath.

She said: “My life has stopped, I’m psychologically broken – I just want my face back.

“I’m suffering a lot, but I have faith that justice will be served, I don’t want other people to go through this.”

The 34-year-old said she assumed hyaluronic acid was used, but a dermatologist found in June last year that she had actually been injected with polymethyl methacrylate.

The PMMA fillers have been associated with severe complications, such as chronic inflammation, fibrotic nodules, skin yellowing, and eyelid malposition.

According to local media, around 90 per cent of botched cosmetic procedures are found to have involved PMMA fillers.

Amid receiving treatment to fix her face, Mariana is now suing her dentist over the botched procedure.

She believes she can prove in court the filler she was injected with was not the one she was promised.

She will also claim the botched procedure had allegedly resulted in adverse effects on her looks, state of mind, and finances.

However, the dentist who carried out the procedure has reportedly filed a lawsuit prohibiting identification of the dentist and the dental practice. 

The dentist is also suing Mariana for moral damages and defamation.

According to the Regional Council of Dentistry, dentists are authorised to carry out facial harmonisation.

Despite the apparent risks associated with cosmetic surgery, women continue to have the procedure done.

One Brazilian woman is also suing a dentist that left her with a rotting face due to a botched nose job.

NewsflashFollowing the surgery, chronic inflammation and skin yellowing can be seen on her face[/caption]

NewsflashHer lips swollen[/caption]

NewsflashMariana’s face post surgery, quite different to her natural former face[/caption]

NewsflashThe Instagram influencer living her best life pre-procedure[/caption]


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