Christie’s NFT Specialist Joins CryptoPunks as Brand Lead

Noah Davis, the non-fungible NFT specialist at Christie’s, has announced that he is leaving his position at the illustrious auction house to take up the role of ‘brand lead’ at OG blue-chip NFT project CryptoPunks. 

In making the announcement, Davis reaffirmed to those interested in the ongoings of Punks IP that he isn’t planning on doing anything outrageously different to what Yuga Labs (his new employers) has already done with the project, and that he, like many others, already loves Punks for what they are, not what they can be.

To reinforce his adherence to the wishes of the community, Davis also suggested scheduling a meet-up with Punks owners at NFT.NYC, to discuss what they want from the project in the future. Although an array of possibilities will be at their disposal given Yuga Labs’ huge monetary and cultural influence within the NFT space, the predominant wish of Punks holders will quite likely be for the project to finally carry out its promise to hand over all commercial rights to its community holders. 

In wake of the announcement, 39 CryptoPunks were sold on Sunday, a figure which is over double the amount sold on Saturday. Such change in trade activity has since prompted some curious community members to speculate as to whether insider knowledge had something to do with the temporary soar in sales. 

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