Andrew Tate STILL obsessing about money behind bars and is trying to promote warped ‘Real World University’

ANDREW Tate is still chasing money from behind bars as he attempts to promote his warped business.

The influencer, 36, has been holed up in a Romanian jail for more than 40 days with his brother Tristan.

APAndrew Tate has been held behind bars since December 29[/caption]

instagramHe is still attempting to promote his business from jail[/caption]

They were detained on December 29 as part of a probe into human trafficking, rape, and organised crime.

Last week, a judge rejected their second appeal to be released and ordered them to remain in jail until at least the end of February.

Tate has now sent a ranting email to his subscribers, encouraging them to pay for a subscription to his programme, The Real World.

In a bizarre message, he claimed he has “created the best lessons on money making” while behind bars.

Tate added: “Even if you don’t hear the word Tate, you see my influence everywhere.”

His business encourages impressionable young fans to pay for a subscription with the twisted promise they could become rich.

Originally called Hustler’s University, “academy” claims to have drummed up an army of 200,000 followers.

His “university” – located at his Romanian home – was relaunched as “The Real World” in October after it was briefly shut down during his social media ban.

Schools across the UK have been trying to tackle Tate’s influence over youngsters as many schoolkids have repeated controversial ideas voiced by Tate.

Teachers say Tate’s toxic views have influenced kids.

Before the police probe, Tate grew to prominence online through a series of videos sharing that were branded misogynistic.

He claimed women are a “man’s property” and said he believed rape victims should “bear some responsibility” for their assaults in shocking videos shared thousands of times.

Tate and his brother Tristan, 34, are accused of luring women back to their Romanian villa.

At least six were allegedly forced to perform in adult videos that were then sold online.

Andrew Tate looked exhausted as he stepped out of a police van outside the court in Bucharest on February 1 ahead of the appeal.

Handcuffed to his brother, he yelled: “You know I’m innocent.”

The Tates’ American lawyer, Tina Glandian, had argued Tristan should have been released from jail as he has a three-week-old baby he hasn’t met yet.

But the judge said the “possibility of them evading investigations cannot be ignored” – and added “they could leave Romania and settle in countries that do not allow extradition”.


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