2022 Metaverse museums. The National Museum of Computing. Art museums . NFT museums. History museums. Antarctic research station

Metaverse museums.   The National Museum of Computing.  
Art museums . NFT museums. 
History museums. Antarctic research station
Museums can use the metaverse to reach a world-wide audience.



Museums on your lap. Going places in your laptop. An online presence extends the reach of a museum and gives new meaning to the idea of a field trip.Teacher’s web assistant brings museums, aquariums, web cams virtual worlds, libraries, games, and challengesLibraries and museums will combine in virtual worldsVirtual architecture: People can design and build their own virtual buildings. Walk through them. Picture them from any angle.

Desk museums

For Schools

The entrepreneurial school. Beyond online classes. The online campus: student rooms, team workrooms, libraries, museums,Schools, colleges, and universities with classes in user-managed virtual (digital) places.Reinventing school for the Tech Generations. Virtual libraries on the web.The coming digital campus. Not just an online class. All the campus resources in managed access Teaching the skills of the new century with the tools of the new centuryEducation in Virtual Worlds. SummaryEra of the entrepreneurial educator. The unbundling of education opens the gate for entrepreneurs.Learning centers on a browser. A use case for web-worlds as schools, libraries, and museumsDigital smarts. Who should teach it? Internet libraries? Internet museums? The old school system?Web-worlds as a place to get together in a pandemic. Parents, teachers, students, tweens, teens, museums, field trips. . All at home in web browsers.

Field trips

Visit Stonehenge in your browser: Virtual field tripA field trip to Mars. Jezero Crater. The rover, PerseveranceA field trip to Mars. Jezero Crater. Even without a pandemic you can’t do that. Unless you have a digital side.A field trip to virtual Mars. Jezero Crater. We are the digitals. We can go anywhere.Educational field trips in the browser. Parental supervision as needed. No travel cost, no travel time, no school responsibility.



Easy access meetings in the metaverse

Fridays 3 pm eastern (New York) At the Web Show, a video set in the metaverse Go there with this url: https://nonprofitvirtualworld.org/loc… A developer meeting is held there every other week: To find out which week, follow CybaLOUNGE on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cybaLOUNGE3DWebWorldz: Meetings alternate with the Web ShowWelcome Center.  https://3dwebworldz.com/I am usually available weekdays at 1 pm New York time In these 2 places:Welcome Center.  https://3dwebworldz.com/https://nonprofitvirtualworld.org/location.html?locationid=800000002&dl=true



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